Aleph-Tav is the digital embroidery & print company that offers you EMBOSS digital embroidery that is the first of its kind in the world!

We are the first to implement digital embroidery technology from Melco-Saurer in Singapore.

We also have a wide range of sweatshirts, polo shirts and T-shirts for every occasion.

All garments can be fully customized with a logo, text, motif or design of your choice either with embroidery or heatpress print, whether it be a uniform for a business, or a promotional item.

To offer you our total digital solutions, we have ready-to-wear T-shirts, uniforms, caps, towels and many more that includes our unique digital EMBOSS embroidery logos.

We do custom-made T-shirts & caps and best of all, EMBOSS digital embroidery that you love to wear!

Our team of dedicated staffs will be most delighted to provide you with our services.

Visit our retail outlet today!

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